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16 Dec 2021

Community groups secure funding from Welsh Water

Grwpiau cymunedol yn derbyn cyllid gan Ddŵr Cymru

Community groups secure funding from Welsh Water: Thank-You-Rhondda-Fach-Graphic-4
  • Welsh Water thanks the Rhondda Fach community by offering four community groups £250. 
  • This forms part of the company’s £23 million investment to upgrade the clean water network in the area. 
  • The company has donated over £20,000 to community groups in the Rhondda Fach over the last three years

Over the last three years, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water have invested £23 million to upgrade the clean water pipes in the Rhondda Fach.  


As a thank you to the local community for bearing with them during the work, the not-for-profit company offered local community groups the opportunity to receive £250 to help support activities that benefit the whole community.   


Four groups were selected at random to receive £250 each for their projects. One successful group is the Tylorstown mini-Juniors, who were set up to help young people in the Rhondda Fach Valley focus on sports and become part of a local team.  


Jason Cook, a member of Tylorstown mini juniors, said: “By working alongside neighbour networks, schools and community groups, we are able to promote the health and wellbeing benefits to young people through sport. This money will help us expand the club, so that we can support even more young people and help them flourish within the local community.” 


Over the last three years, the not-for-profit company has donated more than £20,000 to over 60 community groups across the Rhondda Fach. This money has helped support a range of activities, such as sports, music and arts equipment, office supplies, room hire, and providing mental health and wellbeing resources.  Some of the funding has also been provided to nurseries, adult education classes and toddler groups to promote community engagement. 


Claire Roberts, Head of Community Engagement at Welsh Water, said: “We know our work to upgrade the water pipes has impacted many of our customers living in the Rhondda Fach over the last three years, and we want to thank them for bearing with us while we carried out this work. We are a socially responsible company and are always keen to support local communities, so by providing funding to support the excellent work these organisations offer is our way of giving something back to benefit the local area in Rhondda Fach.” 

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Notes to editors

Notes to editors    

  • Welsh Water is unique in the water industry as it is owned on behalf of customers    
  • Since 2001, it has been owned by Glas Cymru which was formed in April 2001 for the sole purpose of acquiring and owning Welsh Water    
  • It does not have shareholders, and any financial surpluses are reinvested in the business for the benefit of customers    
  • Welsh Water is investing heavily and working hard to ensure top quality services to all the communities it serves    
  • The company is set to invest a £1.8 billion between 2020-2025 in its water and sewerage network.    
  • The company serves most of Wales, Deeside and Herefordshire. It is one of 10 water and sewerage companies in England and Wales and is the sixth largest.    
  • Further Information: Contact Welsh Water Press Office: 01443 452 452 or press@dwrcymru.com